Houston Newborn Photographer | How To Inculde Your Fur Babies In Your Newborn Session

Newborn lifestyle sessions are absolutely the best! Photographing families in the comfort of their home allows families to inculde their pups! This family had the sweetest dogs that joined their newborn session. Adding in your pets can make your photos even more personalized to you and your family! I loved capturing this sweet newborn and her protective big sisters. Below are a few tips to include dogs or your pets in your newborn session!

  1. In the days leading up to your session make sure your dogs are brushed/groomed and looking their best!
  2. It can be helpful the day of the session to get some extra energy out - whether thats taking them for a walk or play time in the backyard.
  3. Have their favorite treats on hand to reward them for following direction.
  4. Have a friend or loved one available to help manage them during the session.
  5. Go into the session not having any expectations for how the dog/pet will act, have fun and remember we can't always control our furry friends!
  6. Allow your pets time to warm up to having a photographer in your house.
  7. And finally - Enjoy capturing your newborn and your fur babies!