What To Wear To Your Maternity Session | Houston,TX

There are a few color palettes that I love to use to create timeless imgages! One of them is white, light blue, and tan! These colors photograph so beautifully and are timeless in nature! The white acts as a natural reflector and reflects clean light back on to your skin! The light blue and tan coordinate so well with the white and compliment each other so well! Below are a few tips on how to achieve timeless photos when picking out your outfits for your upcoming photoshoot!

  1. Stick with a simple color palette - I'm loving the white, light blue and tan right now!
  2. Neutrals always provide a beautiful canvas for creating timeless imgaes
  3. Men- swtich to a tan slack, this will elevate your images and really create that timeless feel
  4. I LOVE all the long flowy dresses - these are timeless and flatter the body so well
  5. When adding in a pattern, choose a subtle floral print