What to Wear To Your Newborn Session

Choosing outfits for photos can be super fun but also stressful! It can be hard to know what will look photograph or look best in your photos! I always want my clients to feel their best and look their best for their sessions! Mom's - I want you to feel like your most beautiful self. My tip is to always wear something that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Here are a few tips on how to coordinate beautiful outfits that photograph well!

  1. Moms - I always suggest long flowy dresses. Not only are they beautiful they photograph well and flatter the postpartm body. You will be standing and doing some sitting for your session. A longer flowy dress allows movement and allows you to comfortably sit in different positions!
  2. Whites and neutrals photograph best- Most photographers will suggest whites and neutrals, not because we don't love color but because it is non distracting and puts the focus on you. Different colors can also cast color back onto the skin. White, however reflects light back on to the skin for a beautiful glow. This color scheme is also timeless and will look beautiful in your photos.
  3. Adding subtle prints - think floral print can be really beautiful for dresses. Also adding in varying textures can add contrast to your photos.
  4. Dads- We also want you to feel your best! Most of the time for dads I reccommend a button down, polo , or henley type shirt! Want to elevate your photos? Swap blue jeans for a khaki or soft colored pant. A white or light blue button down always compliments moms nicely.
  5. I love blue and white! This color combo is always extremely classic and photographs so well!
  6. Siblings - We always want big sisters and brothers to feel their best! Once mom has picked her outfit out, it's best to coordinate around her. My tips for siblings are the same as for mom and dad. Dresses for the big sisters and a button down shirt, polo, henley for the big brothers!
  7. Baby - Most of the photos we take will be of baby swaddled! I bring a white swaddle that photographs beautifully! Stick with classic outfits for baby that are easy to get on and off! Dainty bows add a nice touch for girls. Feel free to incorperate sentimental outfits for baby.
  8. When coordinating outfits, think about how they will coordinate with the colors in your home. This is another reason why neutrals coordinate and photograph so well!
  9. Do not stress about coordinating outfits! If you have questions always reach out to your photographer!