Planning Outfits For Family Photos! | The Woodlands,TX

Yay! You have scheduled your family photos & are now wondering what to wear! Coordinating outfits and choosing what each family member is going to wear doesnt have to be stressful! The Miller Family chose the most beautiful outfits for their family photos in The Woodlands, TX. Their outfits included forest green, navy, tan, light blue & a great mix of subtle patterns!

Here are some of my tips for choosing what to wear for your next family photography session:

1) Coordinate Colors Over Matching Colors

I suggest picking a color palatte of 4-6 colors & each family member can choose from those colors! I always suggest letting the women of the family choose first! Let's be honest alot more work goes into picking out our outfits, am I right ladies? Also, do you plan on printing these for a gallery wall in your house? Keep in mind what color scheme your home & decor is when choosing the color palette for outfits!

2) Avoid Super Bright Colors & Busy Patterns

Stay away from the busy patterns and the bright neon colors. Those will ultimately take the attention away from your family! Avoid clothing with large logos. Our aim is for you and your family to be the main focus! Focus on neutrals and add pops of color throughout!

3) Add In Texture & Layers

Feel free to add in different types fabrics and textures! Depending on the weather you can layer with vests, cardigans, & sweaters. Don't be afraid to dress up! Have a gorgeous flowy maxi dress you've been wanting to wear? I will 100% always reccommend wearing the dress! An easy way to elevate the men's wardrobe is switching out the blue jeans for tan or navy slacks!

4) Wear Outfits That Make You Feel Your Best!

I want you to choose the outfits that make you feel the most beautiful!! Don't stress about getting it perfect! The most important part is having you and your loved ones together & capturing all your family's love!