What To Wear For Your Newborn Lifestyle Session | Houston, TX | Newborn Lifestyle Session

Choosing outfits for your upcoming session can sometimes be overwhelming! I am here to give you a few key tips to help make it a little easier!

  • Choose coordinating colors over matching colors. I generally suggest picking a color palette of three to four colors, and utilizing those colors when choosing outfits!
  • I always suggest letting Mom choose her outfit first and then the rest of the family coordinating around her! Mom - wear something that makes you feel beautiful! Don't be afraid to dress up! During the session there can be a lot of standing and sitting. I suggest choosing an outfit that is comfortable and allows you change positions with ease!
  • Avoid super bright tones and busy patterns. This will take the attention away from you and your family, and bring the eye straight to the clothes! We want your family to be the main focus of the images! Focus on neutrals and add pops of color throughout, don't be afraid of color!
  • Adding in different types of fabric and texture can add a lot of depth to your photos! Also adding in subtle patterns is always a good idea!
  • Consider the color scheme of your home, will the outfits you choose coordinate well with your home?
  • When dressing baby, I always suggest neutral onesies/outfits and swaddles, we want their sweet features to be center stage!
  • Always feel free to incorporate sentimental newborn outfits or swaddles.

These are a few tips to help decide on what to wear for your Newborn Lifestyle Session. My best tip is to wear what makes you feel most beautiful and don't stress about getting it perfect!