What To Wear To Your Newborn Lifestyle Session | Houston Newborn Photographer

Choosing outfits for your upcoming newborn session can be very overwhelming, especially after welcoming home a new baby! You may be wondering what photographs best? What will flatter my body in photos best? What colors compliment each other? There are just so many options, styles and colors when it comes to clothes! I'm here to give you a few quick tips on how to plan the perfect outfits for your newborn session!

  1. Let's first start with Mom - for Mamas I suggest long flowy dresses. This style of dress really flatters the postpartum body, elevates your images, is comfortable for sitting and standing! Make sure to wear something that makes you feel beautiful! As far as colors, think soft colors and subtle floral prints. Pastels photograph beautifuly and white is always an easy way to make your images feel brighter and timeless! I recommend avoiding dark and super bright tones, these generally take the focus away from you!
  2. Next is Dad - I recommend button down shirts, henelys or polos. It is best once Mom decides on her outfit to coordinate around what she chooses! Again, I suggest choosing neutral and soft solid colors. We want the focus to be completely on your family and not the clothing! Choosing a slack or khaki pant can elevate your images and help stick to a neutral color palette.
  3. Siblings - I'm a big fan of dresses and will recommend them again for big sisters! Big brothers can mirror advice I give to dads and stick to soft solid colors! Feel free to incorperate different textures of materials when choosing outfits! Most importantly choose clothing for siblings that they like to wear and will be comfortable wearing!
  4. Baby - I bring a few neutral swaddles with me to your home for you to use if you'd like! I recommend simple and timeless outfits for baby. Again, think soft and solid colors. A lot of photos will be taken with the baby swaddled. White swaddles are timeless and a natural reflector of light! Feel free to incorperate sentimental outfits or blankets!
  5. How to incorperate outfits and colors to coordinate with your home - When deciding on outfits, it is also important to think about coordinating to the colors in your home! Look at the colors in your home and create a color palatte based on those colors. I suggest choosing two to three colors and basing your outfit choices around those colors! Adding in white clothing is always timeless and coordinates with almost every color, it's also an easy way to brighten up your images.
  6. Relax and have fun - My last tip is to relax and have fun! Feel free to let your personality shine through your clothing! This mama in this featured blog post had a beautiful flowy blue and white dress with embroidered hands on the skirt. It coordinated seamlessly with her blue and white decor of her house! There is no need to stress about outfits, when in doubt reach out to me and I love to help coordinate outfits!