How far along should I be for my Maternity Session?

A very common question from expecting mothers is , "How far along should I be for my Maternity Session?" While no two pregnancies are the same, here are a few general guidelines to help you decide when to book! I generally recommend booking your session for when you are 28 weeks - 35 weeks. This range is just a guideline and sessions can be done outside this range!The goal for the session is for my expecting mamas to feel and look their best! We want your bump to be prominent but not at the point that you feel uncomfortable! This is such a special season in

your life and I love documenting these special moments before meeting your baby!

Things to condsider when deciding on your session date:

  • Is this your first pregnancy? You may not start showing till later then a mama who is expecting her second or third!
  • If you are expecting multiples, I reccomend bumping ( no pun intended) that date up a few weeks to a month earlier!
  • Most of my Maternity Sessions are outdoors, so my goal for you is to be able to move around and feel comfortable throughout the session!

I hope this information is helpful when deciding what date to book for your Maternity Session! I love documenting motherhood and the just how amazing a women's body is! Expecting a sweet little baby soon? I can't wait to hear from you!!