5 Reasons Why I love Newborn Lifestyle Sessions | Houston Newborn Photographer

  1. Newborn lifestyle sessions take place in the comfort of your own home! With in home sessions there is no need to rush everyone to get ready to leave the house or pack up your diaper bag! The best part is capturing all the love in your own home! If you have older siblings this allows them to stay in a location that is familiar and comfortable for them!
  2. We skip the ultra forced and super posed images. Instead we capture natural connections between your family and your newest addition! I love capturing how families interact in their home and all the love they share! These images are natural, timeless and most of all always so joyful!
  3. I generally reccommend the newborn lifestyle session take place when baby is 7 - 21 days old! That way we are still capturing the tiniest and sleepliest your baby will ever be! That being said since this is a lifestyle session, baby doesn't have to be only a few days old! Sometimes mamas choose to wait to allow the dust to settle after having baby and choose to have their session when baby is a bit older!
  4. Capturing that beautiful nursery! Mama, I know you just spent the last 9 months dreaming of holding your little one in that nursery you so beautifully designed! I love capturing families and baby in their nurseries, it is the sweetest part of the session!
  5. Every newborn lifestyle session is unique to the family and home where it's taken! No two sessions are the same and I love how special each session is! My favorite part is you will have so many beautiful memories captured in your home!

The newborn stage goes by in the blink of an eye! Capture all those beautiful moments and tiny little deatils of your newborn with a newborn lifestyle session!